The Visual Arts Classic is a great way to have your students use their learning and innovation skills, because VAC focuses on critical thinking,   communication, collaboration, and creativity.  These are skills that are highly sought after in businesses that want to meet the needs of an ever-changing society. 

While working on their Long Term projects, prior to the Regional, students will devise a number of solutions to the prompt that is provided for their studio area.  The prompts are unique problems that will challenge students to use conventional art materials in new ways.  Students will create a written statement that supports their solution to the Long Term prompt.  At the Regional competition students will use the materials they were asked to bring to solve the Onsite prompt in their chosen studio area.  Students will quickly brainstorm possible answers to the Onsite prompt and then construct a high quality piece of art with the limited materials.  The students will also compose a statement that justifies their aesthetic choices for their Onsite project.

During group critiques on the Long Term and Onsite studio projects students will examine the artwork of other students as well as their own art.  This art analysis session allows students to learn how to refine their own artwork in the future, accept constructive criticism from their peers, and how to provide positive feedback to their peers.  The critiques also offer students the opportunity to be evaluated by professional artists in an amenable environment.

During the Team Critical Thinking Competition students will work with their teammates to develop a presentation using only the listed materials.  Students will use written, verbal, and nonverbal communication while creating their solution to the Critical Thinking problem.   Students are evaluated not only on the final presentation but on their ability to listen, accept, and consider all the ideas brought forth in their group during the development stage.  

The Team Art History Quiz Bowl pushes students to learn more about the twelve selected artists by having them research the life and artwork of each of the artists prior to the competition.  Students will share what they have learned about the artists with their teammates in preparation for the Quiz Bowl.  Students work together at the Quiz Bowl to decide on one answer for each question, in this fast paced event.

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