Samantha Hebel, New London High School Drawing long Term Prompt: Create an atypical superhero (which is your alter-ego) referencing the style of Stan Lee and early Marvel comics as you develop your imagery. Your drawing should include the following three scenes: You at your typical space/environment, one transforming into your atypical superhero, and one of the superhero in their lair
The 2013 State Visual Arts Classic competition took place at UW- Madison on Friday April 12th.  Students from across the great state of Wisconsin took part in individual and team events, using their artistic skills to creatively solve the prompts that were given to them.  A few of the outstanding Long Term projects that earned first place awards at State VAC are featured in this article. Samantha Hebel from New London High School, coached by Bob Smith, won a first place medal for her drawing solution.  Carly Goedhart from Northwestern High School, coached by Amy Mack and Charles Hessel, was awarded a first place rating for her printmaking project.  Erica Rich of the West Salem district, coached by Quenten Brown, earned a first place award for her ceramic vessel.  These three students are just a small sampling of the outstanding artwork that was showcased this year at the State VAC competition.

The top three teams in the Art History Quiz Bowl are the following: 1st Place- New Lisbon High School, coached by Cindy Costello, 2nd Place- Waukesha South High School, coached by Mike Foster, Theresa Leal, and Allison Olson, 3rd Place- Marshall High School, coached by Elizabeth Schlieger.  The top three teams for the Team Critical Thinking competition are as follows: 1st Place – Lincoln High School, coached by Dana Rice, 2nd Place- West Salem High School, coached by Quenten Brown, and 3rd Place- Hortonville High School, coached by Gail Draeger.  The subsequent teams were ranked as the top three Overall Teams at this year’s VAC State competition: 1st Place - Lincoln High School, coached by Dana Rice, 2nd Place- Waukesha South High School, coached by coached by Mike Foster, Theresa Leal, and Allison Olson, and 3rd Place- West Salem High School, coached by Quenten Brown.

This year’s VAC competition was successful because of the many judges from across the state that volunteered their time to critique the Onsite and Long Term projects, the coaches who put in endless hours preparing their students for the Regional and State events, all of the colleges and universities that hosted the eight VAC Regionals, the organization and dedication of the Regional Chairs, Terri Marche and Doug Marschalek of UW-Madison who once again hosted the State VAC Competition, the hard work of the State VAC Chairs and Contacts, the School Districts that recognize the importance of allowing their students compete in VAC, and most importantly the students who brought their energy and enthusiasm for art.  Thank you once again to all who helped make this event a positive experience for Wisconsin’s aspiring artists.

Carly Goedhart from Northwestern High School Printmaking Long Term Prompt: Research WWII propaganda posters which used stereotypes to convey a message. Using this knowledge create a 2 to 3 color propaganda poster that focuses on a contemporary global issue. The final poster should integrate text and image.
Erica Rich from West Salem High School Ceramics Long Term Prompt: Review the tie downs created by Don Reitz. Create a vessel or urn form that has a tied down lid. Select a stereotype that contains you and create a bas-relief on the surface of the form to give a hint of the stereotype that is contained within the vessel.

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